Game Developers Job Vacancy at Trippertlabs

Deadline : 31 August 2008

Trippertlabs is a fun, web gaming start-up building high quality entertainment experiences in partnership with major media companies like Electronic Arts (EA) and NBC. We are seeking senior Web Developers to join our team in Indonesia and help develop the next generation of our products.

Senior Game Developers

The position is also open for senior Flash action script proggrammers who have working knowledge on AS3.

The general qualification for all candidates:

- Quick Learner
- Not allergic to new method / technology
- Fluent in English and communicative
- Have a good internet connection ( at least speedy, not dial up/GPRS )
- Experience using Subversion is a plus
- Problem solver

Qualification for Game Developers:

- Experience in making 3D games or at least have general understanding of Game development cycle.
- Good skill in C++ and Object Oriented Design.
- Familiar with OpenGL (Experience with Open GL ES is a plus )
- Familiar with Art (such as Photoshop) and 3d Modeling software’s (Such as Max, Maya)
- More than 2 years experience in game development

Plus point :
- Experience in Unity3d
- Experience in iPhone/Other handheld game console development
- Experience in Shockwave/lingo
- Experience in Physics Engine (such as PhysX or Havok or Bullet)
- Experience in making multi-user game
- Experience in making racing game
- General understanding of web technology (such as PHP, java script).

Senior Web Developer

The general qualification for all candidates:

- Quick Learner
- Not allergic to new method / technology
- Fluent in English and has good communication skills
- Experience using Subversion is a plus
- Problem solver
- Minimum 2 years work experience in web development using PHP/Actionscript/ CSS or any other language, and should have the confidence to quickly adapt to a new programming language

Job Requirements:

- Familiar with OOP, Computer algorithms and data structure
- Master in MySQL replication, indexes, debug, and cache
- Understand Model-View-Controller

For Flash

- Excellent knowledge on one or more 3D applications and terminology
- Experience with one or more popular Flash 3D engine/library (Papervision3d/Flashsandy3D/Away3D)
- Good understanding on AS3 and OOP
- Good understanding on 3D math is a big plus
- Experience in developing Flash games, especially multiuser games is a big plus

- Knows liquid layouts
- Experienced in div-based or table-less layouts
- Understanding of Web Standards
- Should know Standards-compliant code for validation with both CSS & XHTML
- Knowledge of Accessibility and Usability
- Should have worked on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver
- Knowing Browser Compatibility is a must
- Knowledge of recent technologies

Added Requirements:

- Familiar with Linux
- Familiarity with developing Open Social or Facebook Applications
- Has good understanding and experience with modern Javascript, CSS, and markup techniques

Please send in your updated resumes to
and mention the post you are applying for clearly in the subject line and your country name.

For example, if you are applying for PHP Web development, the subject line should be “Application for PHP Web Development, Indonesia”.
Don’t forget to send the CV in english language!

For local contact :
Surin (021-30131089)

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