Mining Job Vacancy at PT. Solid Black Gold

Deadline : 28 July 2008

PT. Solid Black Gold - Coal Mining contractor companies having area in Muara Teweh, Central Kalimantan Province in collaboration with several concession owner, which started exploration since 2006 until today. We have a standard of coal quality in complying with our customer in Japan and USA which uses for electricity. We open several positions to strengthen our manpower and business position.

1. Senior Geologist

▪ Job Description:
- Plan detailed exploration of the coal concession, including identifying outcrops.
- Able to calculate reserve estimation from borehole data.
- Plan borehole drilling patterns.
- Lead and monitor a team of Junior Geologists and Surveyors in daily tasks, such as mapping, surveying and drilling.
- Able to use AutoCAD for mapping and reserve estimation.
- Coordinate with Mining Department regarding future mining plans and pit limit markings.
- Coordinate with Humas Department, regarding marking of land of different owners.
- Communicate with surveyor regarding topographic survey.

▪ Minimum Requirements:
- Geological Degree.
- English is a must.
- Ready to work in a remote area.
- Experience of working in the coal field for a minimum of 3 years.
- Leadership qualities.

2. Junior Geologist

▪ Job Description:
- Lead a team of drillers daily.
- Maintain daily, weekly and monthly drilling targets set by Exploration Department.
- Prepare daily drill hole logs.
- Identify outcrops in unexplored areas.
- Able to conduct mapping of unexplored areas.
- Able to use AutoCAD for mapping.
- Able to use GPS.

▪ Minimum Requirements:
- Geological Degree.
- Ready to work in a remote area.
- Ready to work in the field everyday.
- No experience needed.
- Willing learner.

3. Mining Surveyor

▪ Job Description:
- Lead a survey team.
- Maintain daily, weekly and monthly topographic survey targets set by Exploration Department.
- Update daily survey readings and mappings.
- Able to use SOKIA and TOTAL STATION instruments for surveying
- Able to use AutoCAD to plot daily topographic data, to be shared and used with the Exploration & Mining department.
- Able to calculate coal stock in the stockpile.
- Able to use GPS.
- Report to Senior Geologist or Head of the Exploration Department.

▪ Minimum Requirements:
- Geological Degree.
- Ready to work in a remote area.
- Ready to work in the field everyday.
- Minimum experience of 3 years is required
- Willing learner.

4. Mining Engineer

▪ Job Description:
- Lead and monitor a team of foreman at the site
- Maintain daily, weekly and monthly mining targets (OB removal, Water removal, Coal Production).
- Monitor the performance of drivers and operators, including their discipline.
- Ability to prepare reports and documents to be submitted to the Mining Department.
- Ability to welcome and give site tours to various departmental visitors.
- Well versed in mine planning, including haul roads, pits design, OB distance, etc.
- Report to Senior Mining Engineer at the site.
- Coordination with the Automobile Engineer, in terms of which equipments are available.

▪ Minimum Requirements:
- Mining Degree.
- Ready to work in a remote area.
- Ready to work in the field everyday.
- Minimum experience of 3 years is required in the field of coal mining.
- Willing learner from the senior mining engineer.
- Leadership qualities to lead the foreman, operators and drivers.

5. Port Captain

▪ Job Description:
- Ensure vessels are crewed, operated and maintained in accordance with regulatory requirements
- Implement standard procedures and guidelines for the operation of a safe and environmentally sound fleet
- Assist in the development and adherence of the operational budgets investigate vessel damage, product spills, and personal injuries
- Ensure all appropriate authorized and company personnel are notified and that proper documentation is completed accurately

▪ Minimum Requirements:
- Conveyor/ dump truck loading knowledge is very essential
- Experience minimum 3 years
- Strong communications skills and able to interact with people of all levels, as well as external parties
- Willingness to travel

6. Electrician

▪ Job Description:
- Locates and determines electrical malfunctions using test equipment.
- Repairs malfunctions by such methods as replacing burned out elements, fuses, and replacing defective wiring, cleaning and repairing motors.
- Tests electrical equipment, such as, motors, heaters, and controls for safety and efficiency, using standard test equipment and by observing functions.

▪ Minimum Requirements:
- Electrical Engineering prefer, experience minimum 3 years
- Requires initiative and ingenuity to analyze a situation and to make frequent technical decisions based on specifications and electrical codes.
- Ability to sustain considerable physical effort at frequent intervals.
- Troubleshooting skills, technical speaking, knowledge of electrical materials and concepts, electrical circuit knowledge, customer service, the ability to find solutions in electrical systems

Please send your comprehensive application and resume meeting our requirement to:

HR Department
PT. Solid Black Gold
Rukan Gading Bukit Indah M-10
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara
or email :

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