Jobs Vacancies as Geologist and Production Engineering at Petroselat

expired: 9 Desember 2007
PETROSELAT, operator of the Selat Panjang PSC, onshore Riau Province, Central Sumatera, has immediate opening for the following positions to support its E & P activities:
Reservoir Geologist

* A Bachelor’s Degree in Geosciences with 10 years direct experience.
* Possess broad knowledge of all aspects of the reservoir and development scheme
* Ability to design and deliver of high-integrity, integrated evaluations.
* Skill in interpreting reservoir geology and geophysics parameters.
* in-depth understanding of 3-D static reservoir modeling techniques
* Ability to recognize and assess the key issues pertaining to reservoir settings and architecture.
* Familiarity with probabilistic techniques, geological mapping, geo-statistical and gridding software.
* Good communication skills with peers and managers.

Job Description:

* Perform single well study or integrated field studies to be used for development/production geology work.
* Gather and validate reservoir/petrophysical data, interpret field measurements and propose additional data gathering.
* Establish/update static geological models and identify/assess key subsurface uncertainties and their impact on future development work.
* Perform reservoir description to be used for reservoir simulation
* Assess/update PIIP and reserve volumes with various methods and uncertainties
* Establish/update reservoir/petrophysical databases
* Interpret depositional environment and faces using petrophysical data
* Conduct integrated reservoir study using engineering, petrophysical and seismic data.

Production Staff

* Degree in Petroleum Engineering with minimum of 1 year experience.
* Computer literacy in MS Office Word and Excel
* Able to communicate in English, oral and written
* Have some HSE knowledge and experience
* Must have high sense of responsibility and work enthusiasm.
* Must be self motivated and able to work with other disciplines

Job Description:

* Will work in Production Field operation.
* Assist in preparing daily production data and production activities report.
* Assist in preparing field personnel scheduling and base camp office activities
* Monitor and supervise production operation activity and safety compliances.
* Assist engineers in production testing and data gathering as needed using production tools and software.
* Will perform other duties as requested by Supervisor/production Manager

Qualified candidates are encouraged to send RESUME / CV to Petroselat HR-Admin-Recruitment attention, cc: Closing date two weeks from date of announcement.

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